Debunking Economics - the podcast

Economist Steve Keen talks to Phil Dobbie about the failings of the neoclassical economics and how it reflects on society.

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Will America ever be great again?
April 17, 2024x
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Will America ever be great again?

Sadly for Donald Trump, America seems to have been doing quite well in his absence. It has weathered the pandemic and inflation better than most. GDP pr capita is rising faster than most places and consumer spending is on the up. In fact, the main reason the Federal Reserve isn’t cutting rates is because the ec...

Feige’s automated transaction tax – the simple answer?
April 10, 2024x
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Feige’s automated transaction tax – the simple answer?

For a while now Dr Edgar Feige has been a proponent of an automated transactional tax. The idea is that we get rid of all taxes – income tax, sales tax, corporate tax, excise, capital gains, import and export duties, inheritance – and replace it all with a tax on all transactions Every transaction, which can be...

Does immigration slow inflation?
April 03, 2024x
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Does immigration slow inflation?

There’s been a lot of speculation lately about the role of immigration and its impact on inflation. Does a flood of foreign workers push down wages, which contains cost and keeps prices down? Conversely, did the low immigration levels post-COVID add to the wage pressures because, combined with sickness from CO...

End of the Rising Sun
March 27, 2024x
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End of the Rising Sun

The Bank of Japan has just lifted interest rates for the first time in 17 tears. The central bank has kept rates in negative territory in the mistaken belief that it would encourage banks to lend an people to borrow, helping to boost their flagging economy. Steve Keen says it’s based on the mistaken belief that...