Debunking Economics - the podcast

Economist Steve Keen talks to Phil Dobbie about the failings of the neoclassical economics and how it reflects on society.

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The temerity of austerity
November 22, 2023x
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The temerity of austerity

George Osbourne was the UK Chancellor wedded to austerity. “More cuts, more difficult decisions” he said at the start of 2014, as he struggled to get the British budget back into surplus. But regular listeners to this podcast know that a government budget in surplus is sucking money out of the economy. Steve Ke...

Never too big to fail us
November 15, 2023x
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Never too big to fail us

Last Wednesday Optus phone, mobile and internet users in Australia went without and sort of service for a full working day, starting from about 4 in the morning. At he same time, Thames Water in Surrey were slowly connecting back customers who had not had water supplies since the previous Saturday morning. Why ...

AI – overhyped or capable of great things?
November 08, 2023x
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AI – overhyped or capable of great things?

Everyone is talking about AI right now. Rishi Sunak’s new best friend is Elon Musk, who has been over in Britain to talk about it and the danger it presents. ‘Civilization destruction’ is how he described it. But, whilst that might be a long-term concern, isn’t the short-term danger of more concern. Liker deep ...

Does Andreessen need a dose of techno realism?
November 01, 2023x
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Does Andreessen need a dose of techno realism?

Marc Andreessen is the brains behind the Mosaic web browser, that paved the way for the web interfaces that made the Internet useable. He’s, quite rightly, a billionaire. You could even say he has delivered a social surplus, in that we have all benefited from his invention to a value many more times than we was...