Greens Manifesto: An Opportunity Lost
Debunking Economics - the podcastJune 26, 2024x
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Greens Manifesto: An Opportunity Lost

Carla Denyer and Adrian Ramsay recently launched the Greens Manifesto in the run up to the UK election. Phil and Steve discuss it on this week’s podcast and conclude the one thing that seems to have slipped down the priority list, is all the green stuff. They talk about fixing broken Britain, like every party, and correcting wealth inequality. They also promise that their ideas are fully costed, and can be paid for – for example, by a carbon tax. But they know they will never run government, so why pretend? Why not use their moment in the sun to return the debate to the fundamental issue of climate change. The future of the planet looks pretty sick when even the Greens push it down the agenda.

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