Corporate Bullsh*t and what it’s doing to us
Debunking Economics - the podcastOctober 25, 2023x
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Corporate Bullsh*t and what it’s doing to us

Entrepreneur Nick Hanauer says he is one of the richest 0.1% of people, but he’s a defender of the people. That’s why he’s exposed the lies we are fed in his latest book ‘Corporate bullshit - exposing the lies and half-truths that protect profit, power and wealth in America’. Once you realise it’s not about facts, it’s about power, it changes how you engage with the information fed from these companies. But, not only do these companies have power, they also have the influence that can convince thousands of others to do their bidding for them. Often playing on people’s self-interest. Nick’s hope is that his new book will alert more people to the techniques used by corporations to convince us that their self-interest is for the good of everyone. Even if they die of cancer I the process. Or the planet is ravaged by the impact of climate change. Nick joins Phil and Steve to talk about the book and what he hopes to achieve through it.

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