Does Andreessen need a dose of techno realism?
Debunking Economics - the podcastNovember 01, 2023x
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Does Andreessen need a dose of techno realism?

Marc Andreessen is the brains behind the Mosaic web browser, that paved the way for the web interfaces that made the Internet useable. He’s, quite rightly, a billionaire. You could even say he has delivered a social surplus, in that we have all benefited from his invention to a value many more times than we was rewarded with personal income. Well done to him. But his belief that technology is unbounded is way off the mark. In a recent blog post – The Manifesto on Techno Optimism – he argues that technology has solved all of mankind’s problems so far, and it will continue to. Once we have resolved the constraints of energy, with fusion for example, we will be able to increase consumption a thousand times over, thanks to the unbridled benefits of technological development. Phil wonders whether we want so much more than we already have, whilst Steve says his manifesto is a fast track to destroying the planet. Maybe that’s why we are planning space flights to Mars.

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