Keir’s Thatcher love-in
Debunking Economics - the podcastDecember 13, 2023x
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Keir’s Thatcher love-in

Keir Starmer will be the UK’s next Prime Minister. Few things in life are more certain. So why did he see the need to write an opinion piece for the Telegraph extolling the virtues of Margaret Thatcher. He said she had freed up Britain’s entrepreneurial spirit. Really? She also created massive private debt, driven by a tax-incentivised housing bubble that together with market liberalisation, led to the growth of highly paid jobs in the finance sector in the south, whilst her industrial policy and attacks on unions saw northern towns laid to waste. Hardly a period of history you’d imagine a left-wing leader to look back on in a favourable light. Unless, of course, Keir Starmer isn’t really a Labour leader. Phil and Steve look back at the good and bad of Margaret Thatcher’s decade in power and the lasting effects it had on the UK economy.

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