Will America ever be great again?
Debunking Economics - the podcastApril 17, 2024x
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Will America ever be great again?

Sadly for Donald Trump, America seems to have been doing quite well in his absence. It has weathered the pandemic and inflation better than most. GDP pr capita is rising faster than most places and consumer spending is on the up. In fact, the main reason the Federal Reserve isn’t cutting rates is because the economy is doing so well they don’t see the need for a sudden change. But there are lots of warts in the US too. Industrial production plateaued decades ago, crime is rampant, despite the high predisposition for putting people in prison, the rich-poor gap is as wide as ever and, even though America spends more than anyone on health, they have a comparatively low life expectancy. Has America lost its way, with China beating it on EVs and, possibly AI, with Boeing outstripping Boeing because their planes are less prone to falling apart? This week Phil and Steve talk about what needs to change, and what happens if more of the world decides not to conduct international trade in US dollars.

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