Ready for Austerity 2.0?
Debunking Economics - the podcastOctober 26, 2022x
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Ready for Austerity 2.0?

With big-spending Boris gone, Britain’s new Prime Minister will almost certainly promote austerity 2.0, under the guise of fiscal conservatism. He won’t be alone in that, with governments the world over trying to reduce the deficit they incurred during the pandemic. But is austerity the way to help the economy back onto its feet? And do governments need to balance their books?

In August the UK government spent £10 billion than its income. Listen in to find out why you should be thinking of that as new money added to the UK’s £2.2 trillion economy, rather than an expense that has to be repaid. Slower spending by governments and fiscal tightening by central banks will shrink the money supply at a time when people are already struggling through lower real wages, higher inflation and cuts to public services. Are governments ready to hasten the downward spiral?

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