Future Cities, Unequal Cities
Debunking Economics - the podcastMarch 01, 2023x
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Future Cities, Unequal Cities

This week on Debunking Economics Phil and Steve are joined by Richard McGahey, author of a new book “Unequal Cities: Overcoming anti-urban bias to reduce inequality in the United States”. One of the problems the US faces is that cities, by and large, are self-funded, with little in the way of federal or state support, beyond minimal welfare programmes. And cities compete with each other to survive. As Steve points out, being self-sufficient within an organism is not how organisms function properly. But that’s how the American economy is structured. And Richard suggests that the US is losing out, because properly funded cities are the most productive aspects of an economy, provided the ills of city living, such as pollution, congestion and social inequality, are funded and managed.

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