Is the European economy stuffed?
Debunking Economics - the podcastAugust 31, 2022x
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Is the European economy stuffed?

Whilst the US might be struggling a bit with inflation, its nothing compared to what’s likely to happen in Europe. This week Russia shuts down its gas pipeline to Europe, supposedly for repairs, but there’s no guarantee it will open again. Even if it does, supplies are a fraction of what they were and Europe wants to stop its reliance on Russia anyway – pushing prices sky high, with rationing the only likely solution. Meanwhile, the Euro is weakening as the dollar goes from strength to strength, and that’s adding to Europe’s inflation pressures. And throw a drought on to of all of that, adding to the energy and supply problems. Plus a growing wealth divide. Is there any good news for Europe? Steve Keen reckons the only answer, sadly, is for Europe to give-in to Putin and make swathes of Ukraine the sacrificial lamb as the only way to avoid economic collapse. Even then, Europe has a number of inherent problems to overcome.

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