The West’s vote on immigration
Debunking Economics - the podcastJune 19, 2024x
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The West’s vote on immigration

The UK election debate changed tune when Nigel Farage agreed to stand for Reform, promising to cut migration and rid the UK of all the problems these nasty foreigners are responsible for. Elsewhere the recent European Union elections saw a sharp shift to the right, again driven by concerns over migration. If Donald Trump wins again in the US at the end of the year that too will be gained on a ticket spreading fear and loathing over migrants.

It is clearly an issue that can’t be ignored. Yet you have to wonder how many fo the proposals from the likes of Farage are workable, or effective. People in poor countries will always want a better standard of living.  Phil and Steve discuss whether it’s an aspect fo the world we have to live with. More importantly, is it being used to spread division and diverting attention from the real problems, like the underinvestment in public infrastructure. That’s down to fiscal conservatism and governments worried about debt. 

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